About Me


I'm not really sure what to talk about here, but I'll say some stuff about me lol.

My name is Emily, but you can call me Em!

I'm a Canadian high school student planning to pursue into architecture. I'm in about five other clubs and activities which are all super time-consuming, and many family events, so if I'm ever not as active as I normally am, any of those could be why. But normally, I'll try to be as active as possible!

If you are wondering why I like Piplup so much, or why I'm obsessed with shadows. I will explain it now to the best of my abilities. When Pokémon first released the Diamond & Pearl DS games, I immediately became obsessed with this cute, little, blue penguin thing known as Piplup. I mean how is this not cute?


And shadows really started to interest me when I started getting into Kuroko no Basket which is a manga and anime about basketball. So I just decided to mesh it together and it sounded really cool, so it stuck!

If you want to know more about my interests, please go here

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Thanks for coming to my blog! I appreciate it!