Saturday, 12 March 2016

The OTP Book Tag

Today I will be doing the OTP book tag! Thank you for tagging me SJ, this was loads of fun to do! This tag was orginally created by Kirstin Reads.

1. An Unpopular OTP That You Ship
Aelin x Aelin. I love Aelin and in reality, she doesn't need a man. Okay, don't get me wrong, I love Rowaelin and Doraelin, but before any of those, I shipped Aelin.

2. An OTP That You Didn’t Ship at First But Now You Do
Kaider. At first I was like "I WANT KAI FOR MYSELF," but then I realized that Cinder and Kai are like a perfect fit for each other now that I think about it.

3. Your Most Hated OTP
Well it's not an OTP if you hate it loll. So therefore I don't have one ahaha.

4. An OTP That Took WAY Too Long to Get Together
Okay well it hasn't happened yet from what I've read, but Bluesy. They spent the entire first book dancing around each other like omggggggg. And the fact they can't kiss drives me insaneeeee!

5. Your Favourite Non-Canon OTP
Dramione. As much as I love Ron and Hermione together, I have always loved the idea of Hermione and Draco together. It's just this thought of SlytherinxGryffindor and two stubborn and headstrong people together makes my heart burst lol.

6. Your favourite BROTP
Rowaelin. I know they are also a couple, but they were always my favourite BROTP before they got together in Queen of Shadows. They push each other and despite their *hatred* for each other, underneath, they both really do care for each other.

7. An OTP You Adored in the Books But Not as Much in the Movie or TV Adaptation
Hinny is an OTP that I loved in the books, but the movies sort of just completely ruined it. It was awkward and the actors barely had any chemistry together at all as seen in the image below.

8. A Popular (Canon) OTP That No Matter How Hard You Tried You Just Can’t Ship It
Malina. I know this isn't quite a popular ship, but it's the canon one and I don't quite like it. Mostly because Mal was being really whiny and they didn't seem good for each other. But also because I ship Alina with the Darkling soooo... ummmmm...

9. Your Favourite LGBT+ OTP
It's a definite tie between Cas and Swift from the Abyss Surrounds Us and Simon and Baz from Carry On. Both ships were slow burn, hate-to-love romances which are my absolute weaknesses okay.


10. Your All Time Favourite OTP
Percabeth from the Percy Jackson series, no question about that. It was my first ship, and will forever by my favourite. I could honestly read fanfiction for them all day. So squishy and adorable!!!

Now for the tagging...


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Reading! <3


  1. MALINA *BARF* I AGREE WITH YOU! Hated those two (tho I did end up liking them and being pleased with the ending of the trilogy, so I don't hate it with as much fire and brimstone as I hated it in the first two books). But anyways I shipped NIKOLAI with Alina. I LOVED NIKOLAI AND HE DESERVES MORE STORY!

    Great answers, girl! :D

    1. Hahaha sameeeee! But I shipped Alina with the Darkling so... Thanks for tagging me in this SJ!

  2. OMG! Blue and Gansey will be the death of me. What is it about knowing devastation is coming and still pursuing it? I ship it so hard and it's going to break me!

    1. OMG BLUESY WILL HAVE TO SAIL ON. I don't believe that Maggie will actually just kill him because so many of us love him! I'm gonna cry when he does tho... Thanks for stopping by Annalisse! <3

  3. We have (almost) the same OTP!! I SHIP DRAMIONE SO HARD OMG. It's one of my first OTP ever, and I just love love love it so much! And yes, Aelin is a badass female character that no matter how many guys SJM will pair her up with, they would never compete with her. Percabeth is like the mother of all ships in PJO/HOO fandom XD AND DARKLINA IS LIFE. I did one of this for valentine's day if you're interested. Amazing answers Em!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

  4. I actually liked Rowaelin better as a BrOTP. They were so much less annoying as friends than they are as "lovers" or whatever. But that's me. DRAMIONE! That was life back when I was in high school.

    Sarcasm & Lemons